Working with dentists and their patients, we compound unique medications for unique dental problems. Upon a prescription order, we can compound the list to the right. You cannot get these in most pharmacies, but you can in ours. State-of-the-art equipment helps us ensure that you get what you need — every time!

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Wound Care

When wounds become chronic or cannot heal properly, the wound site can inflame the tissue and even other areas of your body, including your organs. This can require a compounded medication to treat the wound most effectively and most in line with your lifestyle.

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Veterinary Compounding

Just as every human requires a specific medication dose and form that meets their therapeutic needs, so too do animals need medications made just for them and their routines. Our compounding services help veterinarians prescribe a broader range of custom medications for all animals — big or small! Whether it is behavioral medicine, seizure control,

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Sports Medicine

Many analgesics and anti-inflammatories cause certain side effects, such as drowsiness, that athletes cannot tolerate or manage. However, we can compound medications in different forms that suit your athletic lifestyle. These forms can include odorless, easy-to-apply gels and creams that absorb quickly — just in time for you to get back in the game! Compounded

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Whether it is plantar warts, inflammation, or athlete’s foot, our team can compound medications for your specific podiatric needs. We will work with your podiatrist to help support your best possible therapeutic outcomes.  Compounded medications include (but are not limited to):

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We can compound oral medications into flavored suspensions and solutions. These can also come in colors that children love and are attracted to!  We can also compound most drugs into transdermal gels that you can apply to an appropriate site, such as your child’s wrist, for the gel to absorb through the skin.

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Palliative Care

While every individual is unique, common symptoms and problems include the list to the right. Working with providers and caregivers, we compound medications to support the therapeutic outcomes for patients with the symptoms above.  Customized medications include (but are not limited to): lorazepam, diphenhydramine, haloperidol, and metoclopramide (ABHR) Gel and troche cholestyramine ointment single-agent and

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For most men, serum testosterone concentrations decline with age. Studies show that the levels for men aged 75 is about two-thirds of the levels of those aged 25. However, some men may experience a sudden change in levels. Along with some or all of these signs and symptoms, laboratory testing will help diagnose you with

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Adrenal glands create and discharge hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone, that are essential to your health and total body function. An adrenal medication compounded for your exact hormone levels can restore this function for your best possible therapeutic outcome. Intense or prolonged physical or emotional stress or chronic illness can also lead to adrenal

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