Ashley Provencher

Pharmacy Technician

I attended college at CRC in Sacramento, CA. My passion was to work with children, so I focused on early childhood education. After moving to Arkansas, I found my way to pharmacy and found that working with all ages to provide care is one of the most rewarding feelings. I have worked at Stanley Pharmacy Compounding Center since March of 2021. I love the atmosphere here; it makes it easy for us to really get to know the patients and be able to provide the best care for them. Everyone here is treated like family which makes it so easy to want to be here every day. I love spending time with my family. My fiancé and I have an amazing 3-year-old, Camilla, and a baby boy Lincoln on the way, who we cannot wait to spoil! We love going to Northwest Arkansas to visit family and friends.  Stanley Pharmacy Compounding Center is outstanding in the level of customer care they provide. I have had multiple patients call and it is like talking to your friend on the phone. They are comfortable enough with us to share what they need, and know that we are providing the best care possible.